Sunday, February 17, 2008

A long time

So I haven't written here for a long time I really don't know how many people actually read this blog about me. Life since my last blog is going good. Dordt is keeping me busy. I don't know where I am heading after Dordt but that is what makes life so exciting. Right? Well, as of today I am debating whether of not to buy a vehicle I want something fuel efficient and not to classy. I am starting to notice that people stereotype others by their vehicles so I really don't want to get anything fancy because, to be honest, who really needs a dvd player in their vehicle? It is a waste of resources. So I think I might get a jeep not that I want a jeep other than maybe for the dunes, but because it is practical and isn't a gas guzzler like I really want but can't afford to feed. I hope to use it for work and a jeep would make a good work vehicle, I think, I would also enjoy using it for camping.
I can't wait to go camping and enjoy the outdoors again, I am sick of being cooped up in an apartment and not being able to enjoy the outdoors. I want to smell the smoke and the sizzling of carcinogens on a grill. That would be the life.
Well, I should go to bed and take my nap. My previous pastor from back home is preaching at our church tonight and he, I am afraid, would try to embarrass me if I do fall asleep during church.